Redgold, Perm Reg'd (Wherokoura) Golden Retrievers

Multi-purpose golden retrievers bred for temperament, health and trainability.

Welcome - thank you for visiting my website. In 1993, the most wonderful thing happened. Keeza came into my life as a 7 week old bundle of red/gold hair (hence my kennel name and its Maori translation in homage to my birthplace) and my world changed forever. He was my first dog, my heart dog and I still miss him every day. I am lucky enough to have frozen semen on this once in a life-time dog and when the time is right, I will have his son at my side, as his father lived his life.

Keeza introduced me to the dog world and what a world it has been - titles to be earned, friends to be made and all with my goldens by my side - what a wonderful life. I am so blessed. Please click on "about us" to learn more about bringing a golden retriever puppy into your home and best of all, into your life.

I recently got this paragraph on a puppy enquiry where I ask "what are your expectations of me as a breeder" This particular home's reply was perfect - it is me to a "T". " That you get them off to a great start in life to become healthy, happy, well-adjusted dogs. That you are transparent with us about challenges you might foresee with our pup. That you remain available if we feel we need to contact you about possible genetic conditions that might arise. That you continue to take an active interest in knowing that your pups are in good homes."